• BA Psychology

Psychology is primarily concerned with understanding the reasons why humans act the way that they do. What appears to be a rational and logical decision for one individual may appear erratic and illogical to another.  As a BA in Psychology student at Webster University Thailand, you’ll be provided with the skills and knowledge to better understand human interactions and behavior.

The BA in Psychology provides students with the array of tools required to better understand and appreciate the major concepts, theories, empirical findings and trends in psychology. Students will also develop knowledge in specific areas such as research, statistics and counseling perspectives.

As an international academic institution with campuses across the world, classes at Webster University Thailand consist of students from all corners of the globe. The small class environment will give students a chance to learn from each other and observe first hand the diversity of human behaviors and opinions. This will mainly occur through class discussions, presentations and debates.

Graduates from the BA in Psychology will be equipped for a number of different career paths including psychology and counseling. Many former graduates have also gone on to pursue careers as diverse as nursing, casework, academia, the civil service and the not-for-profit sector.

For an overview, visit the course page at Webster University Thailand  or click here for an in-depth view of the course requirements, curriculum and modules.