Webster University Thailand offers both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master of Arts (MA) in Media Communications. Below are Undergraduate course details, if you want to learn more about MA Media Communications, click here for the official Webster Thailand course page, or here to stay within the Webster HuaHin Blog.

  • BA Media Communications

With rapid technological advancements and globalization over the past ten years, the media has become an integral and ever-present component of today’s society. This influences the way that society operates on a daily basis and also gives people a lens through which they make sense of the world.

Throughout the BA Media Communication, students will have a core focus on several key themes including new and emerging technologies and the role of the government. Students will also have the unique opportunity to examine all relevant elements of the media including ethics, cultural diversity, production and the law. Some of the formal subjects on offer include Media Production, Mass Communications, Ethics in the Media, Cultural Diversity, and Interpersonal Communications.

At the conclusion of their degree, graduates are expected to be able to effectively understand and analyze media messaging, deliver information through various communication mediums, and tailor stories to various audiences. Students should also be able to develop research methodologies and be able to display their creative thinking and problem solving skills.

Former graduates from Webster’s BA Media Communication have found employment in a number of different careers in Asia and across the globe. Vocations include audio engineering, interpretation, translation and public relations. Others are also employed in freelance capacities across a number of international and national media outlets.

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