• BA International Relations

The study of international relations seeks to explain the reason why states and other global players act in certain ways. As our world is becoming increasingly connected, this question is becoming ever more important. Throughout the course of their BA International Relations, Webster University Thailand’s students will try to address this fundamental question.

Combining politics, history and foreign languages, this degree gives students a unique opportunity to understand the complex relationships that exist between countries, institutions, and other relevant actors. Through the study of political theory, international law, international organizations and diplomatic history, students will develop the ability to critically analyze state’s decision-making. Classes are available both on-line and face-to-face.

Should they want to, students are also actively encouraged to take part in Webster’s formal internship program. Not only does this give them a unique insight into the career opportunities available post graduation, but it’s also a definite CV booster! This first hand-experience is seen my many as essential to securing that first job.

Whilst there is no specific and pre-determined career path with a BA International Relations, the job opportunities are almost endless. Former Webster alumni are now employed in such diverse areas as government, the diplomatic corps, translation services and the not-for-profit sector. Some have also gone on to work for consultancy agencies and in academia.

An overview for BA International Relations at Webster Thailand can be found here, or for further information, including course requirements and the curriculum click here