• BS Computer Science

With an ever-increasing demand for IT professionals worldwide, computer science graduates are not only required to have expert technical knowledge, but also other skills such as critical thinking and creativity. The BS in Computer Science at Webster University Thailand gives students the knowledge, skills, confidence and drive to be successful in this challenging field.

Like many degrees, the BS in Computer Science will prepare you to enter a number of different jobs across a range of sectors. Just some possible career options include database administrator, games developer, IT consultant, SEO specialist and website designer. To prepare you for this, you’ll have the chance to study subjects such as programming, graphics, networking theory, computer security and web-development.

To give students the best chance of securing a job immediately after graduating, Webster Thailand actively encourages all students to undertake an internship program. Not only will you build key skills and knowledge in the area, but you’ll also develop attributes that are transferrable to any profession such as versatility, creativity and persistence.  This professional experience and diverse skillset will really make your CV stand out from the crowd!

As with many former graduates, it’s likely that you’ll pursue employment both within Thailand or abroad. Popular choices for many graduates include governments, game design companies, large multi-national companies and even small tech start-ups.

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