Webster University Thailand offers five courses within the Business & Management department. An overview can be found here

  • BA Management

When people think about the word ‘management’, the top leadership of an organization immediately comes to mind. At Webster Thailand however, we believe that this refers to the duties of any and all staff members within an organization. As such, no matter what stage in life you are or what your career aspirations, the knowledge you’ll get from our BA Management will be invaluable.

As job markets around the world become increasingly tightened, a BA Management will give you that competitive edge. With an acknowledgement that many employers want staff that are ‘well-rounded’, our program aims to provide a wide range of knowledge and expertise across a variety of subject areas.

Sitting under the Walker School of Business & Technology, the BA Management teaches students the fundamentals of business management and leadership. Subjects studied include accounting, business law, human resource management and management theory – each essential to building a holistic understanding of good management. This diverse curriculum will not only increase your employability but also give you that ‘competitive edge’ amongst your peers.

Upon graduation, many BA Management alumni will pursue careers including financial analysis, sales, accounting and insurance both within the public and private sectors. For mid-career professionals, the degree will be a stepping-stone towards positions with greater responsibility and leadership within their organization

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  • BA Management with an emphasis in International Business

Webster University Thailand’s Bachelor of Management with an emphasis on International Business is specifically designed to help you succeed in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly globalized world. As companies expand and new markets are forged in emerging economies, businesses and business leaders are forced to become ever more flexible and adaptable.

Over the course of your degree, you’ll learn about the main theories and issues of international management including employee management, labor management, banking and international trade. In addition, you’ll also come to understand the importance of other personal skills that are equally as important to doing business internationally such as cross-cultural sensitivity, non-verbal communication, leadership, and negotiation.

As the world is ‘becoming smaller’, the need for effective communication is always increasing. To address this, the Bachelor of Management with an emphasis on International Business has a requirement for all students to study a foreign language. By speaking a second language you’ll undoubtedly be able to better connect and interact with potential clients and business partners.

To prepare students for entering the job market, Webster’s degree programs try to provide students with knowledge and understanding through a combination of case studies and direct hands-on experience. Graduates of this degree often find employment across a range of sectors including accounting, banking and the public sector.

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  • BA Management with an Emphasis in Marketing

More and more companies across the globe are on the lookout for individuals with an understanding and appreciation of marketing techniques to help build their company. This is common across all sectors including retail, manufacturing, finance, sales, healthcare and tourism.

Over the course of their degree, marketing students will learn the underlying management and marketing concepts, principles and theories to help land them their first job. Major subjects offered throughout the program include accounting, law, human resource management, international marketing and advertising. Each of these subjects has been created to give students a thorough understanding of business processes, organizational practices, and marketing strategies.

In addition to the core subjects on offer, students are also encouraged to develop their personal traits and attributes to make themselves more marketable in the future. Common areas of focus from students and teachers alike include strategic thinking, research and presentation skills. Whether you’re a first year student fresh out of high school or someone looking to shift careers, Webster’s BA Management with an Emphasis in Marketing will help you to reach your goals.

Graduates have previously found employment in the marketing, fashion, finance and tourism sectors. Many have also found work in international marketing agencies, seen by some as a place to widen their perspective, broaden their skill base and increase their employment marketability.

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  • BA Management with an Emphasis in Human Resource Management

Webster University Thailand’s BA Management with an Emphasis in Human Resource Management will give you the knowledge and skills that you need to become a successful Human Resource Manager. Not only will you develop an understanding of management theory, but you’ll also build a wide range of useful interpersonal skills and personal attributes.

Regardless of the size or type of the organization, Human Resource Managers are essential to the long-term success and stability of staff and general operations. They are also both facilitators and advocates, supporting dialogue and understanding between management teams and employees alike. This role can be extremely delicate and require patience, attention to detail and decision-making skills.

Offered by the Walker School of Business & Technology in conjunction with Webster University Thailand, students will take a mixture of management and human resource specific classes such as labor-management relations, organizational behavior, and management theory. Other topics for study include employee recruitment and selection, team building, conflict resolution, employee compensation, and strategic management.

In addition, students will also be encouraged to improve their presentation, verbal communication, negotiation, and non-verbal communication skills – essential to securing a job in the ever-competitive global job market. After graduation, most individuals try to secure employment as Human Resource Managers in the education, government, healthcare and hospitality sectors.

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  • BS Business Administration

The BS Business Administration is suitable for individuals that want to develop the knowledge and skills to either run or be a significant contributor to a business. It will also help students to build their skills to think more strategically and to get a holistic understanding of general business practices and procedures.

Internationally, graduates are increasingly required to show potential employers that they have unique skills and attributes that set them apart from other candidates. Through Webster’s personalized teaching methods and small class sizes, students will build a solid foundation of managerial skills and business theory. ‘Soft’ skills such a presentation techniques, critical thinking and leadership capacities will also be strengthened – integral to the development of future business leaders.

The BS Business Administration is tailored towards individuals who wish to work in finance, trading and capital markets. It is also suitable for those persons who aspire to be government leaders, business entrepreneurs and senior managers in the future. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, courses include subjects such as accounting, economics, finance and information systems.

Graduates of the program are expected to take up employment in a number of fields including banking, finance, marketing and supply chain management. It is also useful for those who are seeking to further their career within their current organization.

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